the Epic
Alex Vermeulen
SOH Alex Vermeulen is a visual artist, director and producer of multi media projects and events. He is a writer and director of short movies and feature films and designer and producer of art in public spaces. Additionally, Vermeulen is the author of eight books.
Rien Bekkers
Custome Director
Rien bekkers works as independent costume designer for both large and small subsidised groups in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with leading Dutch directors. Rien has worked on more that 150 performances in theatre, ballet and opera. His costume design work for key theater and opera groups is as follows:...
David Shea
Music Director
David Shea studied composition and theory at The School of Performing Arts in Indianapolis (USA) and at the Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin (USA). He became known for his work with John Zorn’s Ensembles between 1986 and 1996 in projects such as Cobra, Film Works, Elegy, Absinthe, Godard and Spillane, which were...

SOH29 the Epic a Syndicaat production produced by Syndicaat Alex Vermeulen
Casting and cast coaching by Wayan Purwantu
Photography and light by Doddy Obenk
Photo compositions and montage by SOH Alex Vermeulen
3D graphics by Adam Kuczek, Czarnyrobert & Raphael Lacoste
Animations by Monique Smets
Costumes by Rien Bekkers / made by atelier Fierman
Music by David Shea
Narrated by Tina Kovac
Voice over Janus by Kamau Abayomi
Sound mix by SOH Alex Vermeulen
Styling by Karin Mathys
Translation by Beth O’Brien
Interactive WebBook by Kasper Tijmen de Groot
Production assistant Phillipa Hughes
Concept, written and directed by SOH Alex Vermeulen
Text editor IJsbrand van Veelen
Catalogue by SOH Alex Vermeulen
Documentary by Peter Mariouw Smit / edited by Poikee Lam
Project Advisors: Soemantri Widagdo, Bruce Carpenter and Adriaan Palar

Janus – Gede Yudi Saputra Cefo Abadan – Dio Lesmana Kondamnita
Sanculpeca – Emi Yunika Patro – Odon Prayoga Diabloso Plori – Galang Purnama
Marko Bonsanca – Ade Suarjaya Potenca Trompi – Agus Suardana Laborista
Respondea – Jeni Ariani Pala Justa Despellio – Rani Windari Gangsters: Desta
Sarmadi, Gede Asta Deva, Vania Weda Cita