• SOH29 the Epic
    SOH29 the Epic

    Three years in the making the Epic is a multi-pronged media project whose participants include a troupe of talented young Balinese dancers aged 6 to 10, senoir Balinese dance master Ida Bagus Oka Wirjana, and the award winning composer David Shea and costume maker Rien Bekkers. The concept, direc- tion and execution belongs to multi media artist/filmmaker Alex Vermeulen.

    The final form of the Epic consists of thirty-two monumental photographs, which will be used in a number of formats including an inter-active WebBook with a musical score and a major photographic exhibition and event. A docu- mentary film, ‘The Epic behind the Scenes’ has also been completed by Dutch filmmaker Peter Mariouw Smit.

  • The Narrative
    The Narrative

    Loosely based on Valmiki’s Ramayana and Shakespeare’s Othello, the Epic take place in 2088 in the future megapolis Raksasa Kota. As in the original sto- ries, the cast and visuals of the Epic are populated by animals, humans, gods and demons. Human emotions both good and bad – love, hate, sacrifice, jeal- ousy, nobility, betrayal, murder and hope – twist in turn in bewildering, sensual and suspenseful plot.

  • The Exhibition
    The Exhibition

    The exhibition will combine 32 monumental photos (220 by 120 cm) together with the actual sculptural costumes worn by the actors. As in the photos dra- matic lighting is key to creating a breathtaking experience. So, too, sound and other events will ensure that all the senses will be touched by the whole.

  • Interactive WebBook
    Interactive WebBook

    This book is designed as a landscape in which the reader is free to explore multiple options and sequences. For the more literally oriented there are accompanying texts, music and voice overs.